Tennis Shot Prediction Tool


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  • Cells in a row will show the shot effects of the impact variable.
  • Cells in a column will show how each shot characteristic is influenced by the impact circumstances.
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Output Shot Dependencies
Spin Out Speed Out Launch Angle Distance
Ball Speed In
Ball Angle In
Ball Spin In
Racquet Tip Speed
Racquet Swing Angle
Racquet Tilt
Impact Location
These graphs were made using the TWU Shot Maker Tool. The range of points plotted were all those for the ball landing just in or barely hitting the net. The results were obtained by taking constant inputs and altering one variable at a time. For the topspin shot these were: racquet = Babolat Pure Drive Roddick (with power potential of 39.9%), hitting height=4 ft, speed in=30 mph, angle in=-5 deg, spin in=4000 rpm, tip speed=65 mph, swing angle=30 deg, racquet tilt=5 deg, impact location=21 in. It was the same for the slice except hitting height=3 ft, racquet tip speed=45 mph, swing angle=-20 deg, racquet tilt=-2 deg.