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What Is Tennis Warehouse University?

Tennis Warehouse University (TWU) is dedicated to helping tennis players scientifically compare and choose racquets and strings as well as to increasing tennis science education.

At TWU we test all racquets and strings with specifically designed equipment in our lab. We measure actual performance — not just static propeties such as weight and balance (though we do that too). We integrate these measurements with research compiled by leading experimental physicists and engineers, as well as with the laws of physics.

We conduct many experiments at TWU. Our goal is to determine the factors that affect performance. We isolate all variables, measure them, and analyze how changing them affects performance. Then we build equipment to measure these properties in all strings and racquets and we create tools so you can compare them and arrive at intelligent equipment choices.

The result is a wealth of comparative and analytical online tools, information, and data that are not available anywhere else.

TWU's online tennis equipment comparison and analysis tools allow players to compare:

  • Power
  • Energy Return
  • Sweet Spot Size
  • Shot Distance
  • Shot Speed
  • Spin Window
  • Trajectory
  • Hittingweight
  • Plowthrough Stability
  • String Stiffness
  • Dwell Time
  • Tension Loss
  • Peak Force
  • Racquet Head Speed
  • Similar Racquet Finder
  • and much more . . .

A Racquet Customization Center provides the tools and know-how to help players customize racquets to achieve greater power, stability, and comfort. Both automatic and manual (for fine tuning) tools tell you where to place lead tape to optimize your racquet.

Stroke, and shot analysis tools show players how their shots are affected by such things as inbound ball speed and spin, racquet speed, racquet tilt, swing angle, and impact location.

An Article Library explains the hows and whys of tennis racquet science.