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Racquet Vibration Frequency

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BrandRacquet (linked)Vibration Frequency HzStiffness RDCWeight (gm)
AsicsAsics 10918076292
AsicsAsics 11618274269
AsicsAsics 12518875272
AsicsBZ 10017675326
BabolatAero Storm GT15571320
BabolatAero Storm Tour GT15369333
BabolatAeroPro Drive 201315569316
BabolatAeroPro Drive GT16070310
BabolatAeroPro Drive GT Plus15570316
BabolatAeroPro Drive GT Plus / 201316072321
BabolatAeroPro Lite GT17072277
BabolatAeroPro Lite/201317071279
BabolatAeroPro Team GT16771290
BabolatAeroPro Team GT/201317472288
BabolatDrive Z 110 200915762276
BabolatDrive Z 118 200916462277
BabolatPlay Pure Drive16774318
BabolatPure Aero14870322
BabolatPure Aero Lite15870289
BabolatPure Aero Plus15469321
BabolatPure Aero Team15869303
BabolatPure Aero Tour14768341
BabolatPure Aero VS Stars and Stripes15167314
BabolatPure Aero VS Tour14970348
BabolatPure Control13963308
BabolatPure Control 9513056340
BabolatPure Control 95+13762341
BabolatPure Control Tour13863334
BabolatPure Control Tour+12660342
BabolatPure Drive16372322
BabolatPure Drive (2012)17073314
BabolatPure Drive 10716470297
BabolatPure Drive 107 (2012)16169294
BabolatPure Drive 107 GT 200916367298
BabolatPure Drive 11015866281
BabolatPure Drive GT16872316
BabolatPure Drive GT Plus16473324
BabolatPure Drive Lite16469286
BabolatPure Drive Lite15768293
BabolatPure Drive Plus16372317
BabolatPure Drive Plus15770318
BabolatPure Drive Roddick (2012)16372336
BabolatPure Drive Roddick GT17073331
BabolatPure Drive Roddick GT Plus16772332
BabolatPure Drive Roddick Plus (2012)16473329
BabolatPure Drive Team15769306
BabolatPure Drive Tour15971331
BabolatPure Drive Tour Plus16272332
BabolatPure Storm GT 200913968315
BabolatPure Storm GT 201114365312
BabolatPure Storm Ltd GT (NEW)13161338
BabolatPure Storm Ltd. GT 200913560334
BabolatPure Storm Team GT14064305
BabolatPure Storm Tour GT13764340
BabolatPure Storm Tour GT 200913662338
BabolatPure Storm Tour Plus GT13061337
BabolatPure Storm Tour+ GT 200912859335
BabolatPure Strike (18x20)14766326
BabolatPure Strike 10014665304
BabolatPure Strike 100 (2016)15168313
BabolatPure Strike 100 Team15667295
BabolatPure Strike 16x1913668323
BabolatPure Strike 16x19 (2016)14865321
BabolatPure Strike 18x2015067322
BabolatPure Strike Tour14665339
BabolatPure Strike VS14563310
BabolatPure Strike VS Tour14464336
BabolatXS 10215767286
BabolatXS 109 14964270
BabolatY 105 Smart Grip15764288
BabolatY 109 Smart Grip15766282
BabolatY 112 LTD16567289
Boris BeckerDelta Core Legend14262335
Boris BeckerDelta Core London14265321
Boris BeckerDelta Core London Tour13258335
Boris BeckerDelta Core Melbourne14666337
Boris BeckerDelta Core Pro15369314
DonnayFormula 10017171315
DonnayFormula Lite 10015768284
DonnayFormula OS Ext17072282
DonnayPro One15669328
DonnayPro One 97 18x2014568330
DonnayPro One OS Ext15168300
DonnayX- Dual Gold 9914666334
DonnayX-Black 9413059344
DonnayX-Black 9913060344
DonnayX-Dark Red 9413563344
DonnayX-Dual Core Platinum 9414064347
DonnayX-Dual Core Silver 9914565321
DonnayX-Dual Gold 9414566313
DonnayX-Dual Silver Lite 9914462301
DonnayX-Orange 9915267323
DonnayX-P Dual Lite White 10213860292
DonnayX-Red 9413965334
DonnayX-Red 9913964334
DonnayX-White 9914865306
DonnayX-Yellow 9914363309
DunlopAerogel 4D 100 (1Hundred)14865330
DunlopAerogel 4D 200 Tour (2Hundred)13261348
DunlopAerogel 4D 300 (3Hundred) Tour14664334
DunlopAerogel 4D 700 (7Hundred)17171276
DunlopBioFibre F3.1 Tour14162328
DunlopBioFibre M2.115570331
DunlopBioFibre M3.114764312
DunlopBioFibre S8.1 Lite15162268
DunlopBiomimetic 10014265331
DunlopBiomimetic 20013261347
DunlopBiomimetic 200 Lite14465332
DunlopBiomimetic 200 Plus14968332
DunlopBiomimetic 200 Tour13464356
DunlopBiomimetic 30015068305
DunlopBiomimetic 300 Tour14967320
DunlopBiomimetic 40015669303
DunlopBiomimetic 400 Lite16171285
DunlopBiomimetic 400 Tour15569328
DunlopBiomimetic 50017071293
DunlopBiomimetic 500 Plus16871264
DunlopBiomimetic 500 Tour16672314
DunlopBiomimetic 600 16271294
DunlopBiomimetic 600 Lite15969288
DunlopBiomimetic 600 Tour16173314
DunlopBiomimetic Black Widow16271282
DunlopBiomimetic F 3.0 Tour13863327
DunlopBiomimetic F2.0 Tour14567341
DunlopBiomimetic F5.0 Tour16072318
DunlopBiomimetic M 3.014667317
DunlopBiomimetic M 6.015670300
DunlopBiomimetic M5.016371295
DunlopBiomimetic Max 200G14468303
DunlopBiomimetic S 2.015168313
DunlopBiomimetic S 3.0 Lite15466282
DunlopBiomimetic S 6.016471287
DunlopBiomimetic S 6.0 Lite16970286
DunlopBiomimetic S 7.016269287
DunlopBiomimetic S 8.0 Lite15463270
DunlopBiomimetic S5.0 Lite16067261
DunlopF4.0 Tour15670322
DunlopForce 10016171306
DunlopForce 100 Tour16171318
DunlopForce 10514964300
DunlopForce 9816370310
DunlopForce 98 Tour16471325
DunlopPrecision 10015366306
DunlopPrecision 100 Tour15267324
DunlopPrecision 9815568312
DunlopPrecision 98 Tour15368330
DunlopS4.0 Lite15969283
DunlopiDapt Force 10016170320
DunlopiDapt Force 100S16270321
DunlopiDapt Force 10515466305
DunlopiDapt Force 9815367322
GammaRZR 10017074304
GammaRZR 100T16775330
GammaRZR 10515168302
GammaRZR 11015467292
GammaRZR 9514565326
GammaRZR 9813460316
GammaRZR 98 T13865342
GammaTour 300X14565305
GammaTour 330X14667328
GammaTour 340X14668338
GammaTour 340X Team15266292
HeadGraphene Extreme Lite14062288
HeadGraphene Extreme MP15970321
HeadGraphene Extreme Pro15168335
HeadGraphene Prestige Midplus13563329
HeadGraphene Prestige Pro13664334
HeadGraphene Prestige Rev Pro13761316
HeadGraphene Prestige S13662317
HeadGraphene Radical MP15265316
HeadGraphene Radical Pro14968324
HeadGraphene Radical Rev14864275
HeadGraphene Radical S14963293
HeadGraphene Touch Extreme Lite13660274
HeadGraphene Touch Extreme MP13963310
HeadGraphene Touch Instinct Lite14161281
HeadGraphene Touch Instinct MP16271315
HeadGraphene Touch Instinct PWR17467249
HeadGraphene Touch Instinct S14364300
HeadGraphene Touch Speed MP14564314
HeadGraphene Touch Speed PWR15062275
HeadGraphene Touch Speed Pro14663324
HeadGraphene Touch Speed S15468304
HeadGraphene XT Extreme Lite14462282
HeadGraphene XT Extreme MP A14565309
HeadGraphene XT Extreme Pro15369340
HeadGraphene XT Instinct MP13765316
HeadGraphene XT Instinct Rev Pro14761272
HeadGraphene XT Instinct S17273284
HeadGraphene XT Prestige Midplus14965336
HeadGraphene XT Prestige Pro13964332
HeadGraphene XT Prestige Rev Pro14061311
HeadGraphene XT Prestige S14262324
HeadGraphene XT Radical Lite14059273
HeadGraphene XT Radical MP A14465310
HeadGraphene XT Radical Pro15168330
HeadGraphene XT Radical S13860292
HeadGraphene XT Speed MPA14669320
HeadGraphene XT Speed MPA (16x16)14968310
HeadGraphene XT Speed Pro14768329
HeadGraphene XT Speed Rev Pro14864284
HeadGraphene XT Speed Rev Pro (16x16)14561280
HeadGraphene XT Speed S14969303
HeadMXG 316673314
HeadMXG 515369294
HeadMicroGEL Extreme Pro 200915770334
HeadYOUTEK Extreme MP15168311
HeadYOUTEK Extreme Pro15671332
HeadYOUTEK Graphene Instinct MP15770311
HeadYOUTEK Graphene Instinct PWR17370244
HeadYOUTEK Graphene Instinct REV14259258
HeadYOUTEK Graphene Instinct S17072281
HeadYOUTEK Graphene Prestige PWR19072275
HeadYOUTEK Graphene Speed MP14266311
HeadYOUTEK Graphene Speed PRO14568332
HeadYOUTEK Graphene Speed PWR15567275
HeadYOUTEK Graphene Speed REV14463267
HeadYOUTEK Graphene Speed S14766292
HeadYOUTEK IG Extreme MP17476315
HeadYOUTEK IG Extreme MP 2.015169324
HeadYOUTEK IG Extreme OS16471300
HeadYOUTEK IG Extreme Pro17176335
HeadYOUTEK IG Extreme Pro 2.014869333
HeadYOUTEK IG Extreme S 2.016271302
HeadYOUTEK IG Instinct15671319
HeadYOUTEK IG Instinct S16370281
HeadYOUTEK IG Prestige MP15065337
HeadYOUTEK IG Prestige Mid14565348
HeadYOUTEK IG Prestige Pro15167339
HeadYOUTEK IG Prestige S14466319
HeadYOUTEK IG Radical MP14264321
HeadYOUTEK IG Radical OS13359316
HeadYOUTEK IG Radical Pro13864324
HeadYOUTEK IG Radical S15165290
HeadYOUTEK IG Speed 16x1915066327
HeadYOUTEK IG Speed 18x2015366325
HeadYOUTEK IG Speed 30013858310
HeadYOUTEK IG Speed Elite14868302
HeadYOUTEK IG Speed Lite15468277
HeadYOUTEK Instinct MP14966313
HeadYOUTEK Mojo14771296
HeadYOUTEK Prestige MP14763335
HeadYOUTEK Prestige Mid14865339
HeadYOUTEK Prestige Pro15267333
HeadYOUTEK Radical Lite14761271
HeadYOUTEK Speed 16x1915365326
HeadYOUTEK Speed Elite15066306
HeadYOUTEK Speed MP 18x2015065331
HeadYOUTEK Speed Pro15671342
HeadYOUTEK Star Five14671282
HeadYOUTEK Star Six16769284
HeadYOUTEK Star Three16868258
MantisTour 30514766316
MantisTour 31514065330
One StringsSpin Deeper 300g (14x19)15768317
One StringsSpin Deeper 315g (14x19)15569330
One StringsTurbine 275g14863295
One StringsTurbine 300g15668316
PacificBX2 X Feel Pro 9513961334
PacificBX2 X Feel Tour13559316
PacificBX2 X Force 9813659310
PacificBX2 X Force Pro 13258335
PacificX Fast Pro 10016170317
PacificX Feel Pro 90 Vacuum13058343
PacificX Feel Pro 9514865339
PacificX Feel Tour13761318
PacificX Force13760309
PacificX Force Comp14061309
PacificX Force Lite13858270
PacificX Force Pro13862336
PacificX Force Pro No. 114464316
PacificX Tour Pro 9715769323
PrinceClassic Graphite 100 Longbody13061329
PrinceEXO3 Black15671320
PrinceEXO3 Black Team15067294
PrinceEXO3 Blue15462277
PrinceEXO3 Blue 11015765282
PrinceEXO3 Hornet Midplus 10015568293
PrinceEXO3 Hybrid 10014260303
PrinceEXO3 Hybrid 10414661287
PrinceEXO3 Hybrid 11015364263
PrinceEXO3 Hybrid Gold 10715862269
PrinceEXO3 Hybrid Red 10216069272
PrinceEXO3 Ignite 9515170347
PrinceEXO3 Ignite Team 9515468317
PrinceEXO3 Rebel 9512961345
PrinceEXO3 Rebel 9813561315
PrinceEXO3 Rebel Team 9813759296
PrinceEXO3 Red15667302
PrinceEXO3 Red 10514864296
PrinceEXO3 Silver16768271
PrinceEXO3 Silver 11515765275
PrinceEXO3 Tour 100 (16x18)12856321
PrinceEXO3 Tour 100 (18x20)12355324
PrinceEXO3 Tour Lite 10014162273
PrinceEXO3 Warrior 10014967317
PrinceEXO3 Warrior DB Team 10015768283
PrinceEXO3 Warrior Team 10015067294
PrinceEXO3 White15167306
PrinceGraphite 10013963335
PrinceGraphite 10713465351
PrinceLightning 10016472305
PrinceLightning 10516070289
PrinceLightning 11015771290
PrincePremier 105 ESP14665301
PrincePremier 105L ESP15255289
PrincePremier 115L ESP17070275
PrinceResponse 9715570344
PrinceTextreme Tour 100 L14564286
PrinceTextreme Tour 100 P13963325
PrinceTextreme Tour 100T13662306
PrinceTextreme Tour 9513763330
PrinceTextreme Warrior 10014166315
PrinceTextreme Warrior 100L15666272
PrinceTextreme Warrior 100T15365288
PrinceTextreme Warrior 10715467315
PrinceTextreme Warrior 107T15768297
PrinceTextreme Warror 107 L15464285
PrinceTour 100 (16x18)12857325
PrinceTour 100 (18x20)12556330
PrinceTour 100T13660305
PrinceTour 100T ESP13561312
PrinceTour 9513160345
PrinceTour 9813560312
PrinceTour 98 ESP13460328
PrinceTour Pro 10013358315
PrinceTour Pro 100 ESP13360323
PrinceTour Pro 9813761321
PrinceWarrior 10014866312
PrinceWarrior 100 ESP14667306
PrinceWarrior 100 Pro14665319
PrinceWarrior 100L ESP15968270
PrinceWarrior Pro 100T ESP14061291
Pro KennexKi 1015166300
Pro KennexKi 5 28015670294
Pro KennexKi 5 32015267333
ProKennexIonic Ki 1516472287
ProKennexIonic Ki 15 26015166284
ProKennexIonic Ki 15 PSE (New)16571331
ProKennexIonic Ki 20 (New)15567266
ProKennexIonic Ki 20 PSE (New)16272301
ProKennexIonic Ki 30 (New)17366285
ProKennexIonic Ki 5 31514062325
ProKennexIonic Ki 5 PSE (New)15069365
ProKennexIonic Ki 5x (New)13461334
ProKennexKi Q+ 5 Pro (310)15867324
ProKennexKi Q+ Tour (300)14261312
ProKennexKi Q+ Tour Pro (325)13862344
ProKennexQ5X Kinetic 10014567332
ProKennexSQ Ltd Edition16571298
SlazengerPro Braided16071326
SlazengerV100 Team17174294
SlazengerV100 Tour16571309
SlazengerV98 Team13764310
SlazengerV98 Tour14366321
SolincoPro 1016272340
SolincoPro 816468311
SolincoProtocol 30014666315
SolincoProtocol 32515468340
TecnifibreTFight 25515669281
TecnifibreTFight 295 MP16171307
TecnifibreTFight 295 TP15669309
TecnifibreTFight 305 Dynacore16171321
TecnifibreTFight 305 VO2 Max16373321
TecnifibreTFight 315 Ltd. 16 Main13761328
TecnifibreTFight 315 Ltd. 18 Main13661335
TecnifibreTFight DC 30016170315
TecnifibreTFight DC 30514766322
TecnifibreTFight DC 31515670326
TecnifibreTFight DC 32015369335
TecnifibreTFlash 300 ATP16673321
TecnifibreTFlash 300 Dynacore ATP16072315
TecnifibreTFlash 300 SpeedFlex17173315
TecnifibreTFlash 315 ATP17573327
TecnifibreTFlash 315 Dynacore ATP16072333
TecnifibreTFlash 315 SpeedFlex15169340
TecnifibreTRebound 265 Pro17271288
TecnifibreTRebound 295 Pro15471316
VolklC10 Pro 201213465347
VolklClassic C10 Pro13764346
VolklOrganix 117570280
VolklOrganix 10 (295g)14364319
VolklOrganix 10 (325)15166338
VolklOrganix 10 Mid13059337
VolklOrganix 415567295
VolklOrganix 4 Super G15766284
VolklOrganix 516470275
VolklOrganix 615468294
VolklOrganix 7 (295)16974317
VolklOrganix 7 (310)16474326
VolklOrganix 8 315g17173331
VolklOrganix 915868321
VolklOrganix V1 MP15968299
VolklOrganix V1 OS15668295
VolklOrganix V1 Pro Midplus15268314
VolklPower Bridge 117970270
VolklPower Bridge 10 Mid13561352
VolklPower Bridge 217071281
VolklPower Bridge 316368288
VolklPower Bridge 414864288
VolklPower Bridge 515868302
VolklPower Bridge 6 Attiva MP15265280
VolklPower Bridge 715267296
VolklPower Bridge 8 31517072323
VolklPower Bridge 915768315
VolklPower Bridge V1 Midplus16368291
VolklPower Bridge V1 Oversize16368294
VolklQuantum Scorcher14763287
VolklSuper G 117572272
VolklSuper G 10 29514866312
VolklSuper G 10 32515268341
VolklSuper G 10 Mid (320g)16171331
VolklSuper G 10 Mid (330g)14166345
VolklSuper G 316667285
VolklSuper G 517070283
VolklSuper G 615768286
VolklSuper G 716273318
VolklSuper G 8 (300g)16170310
VolklSuper G 8 (315g)17473326
VolklSuper G 916071331
VolklSuper G V1 Midplus16367298
VolklSuper G V1 Oversize16268301
VolklSuper G V1 Pro15268311
VolklTeam Tour14664293
VolklTour Scorcher14864282
VolklV-Sense 118071276
VolklV-Sense 10 295g15368308
VolklV-Sense 10 325g14364337
VolklV-Sense 216669284
VolklV-Sense 416469285
VolklV-Sense 516470276
VolklV-Sense 616071289
VolklV-Sense 8 285g16471296
VolklV-Sense 8 300g16271309
VolklV-Sense 8 315g14767328
VolklV-Sense 914966327
VolklV-Sense V1 MP15467300
VolklV-Sense V1 OS15968296
VolklV-Sense V1 Pro14969312
WilsonBLX Blade 9814466319
WilsonBLX Blade Lite14866282
WilsonBLX Blade Team12855302
WilsonBLX Blade Tour14968341
WilsonBLX Bold12849280
WilsonBLX Cierzo Two19074278
WilsonBLX Cirrus One18276281
WilsonBLX Coral Reef16266284
WilsonBLX Five12529281
WilsonBLX Juice 10017373320
WilsonBLX Juice 10817272294
WilsonBLX Juice Pro14266341
WilsonBLX Khamsin Five11919289
WilsonBLX One18174277
WilsonBLX Pro Limited 11015865265
WilsonBLX Pro Lite17072274
WilsonBLX Pro Open15967316
WilsonBLX Pro Open (2012)16672313
WilsonBLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 15267303
WilsonBLX Pro Staff Six.One 9014266354
WilsonBLX Pro Staff Six.One 9514464326
WilsonBLX Pro Team FX15768300
WilsonBLX Pro Tour14061330
WilsonBLX Six-One 95 16x1815068345
WilsonBLX Six-One Lite17270268
WilsonBLX Six-One Tour 14163351
WilsonBLX Six.One 95 16x1814568350
WilsonBLX Six.One 95 18x2014767341
WilsonBLX Six.One 95 18x20 (2012)14467347
WilsonBLX Six.One Team14161303
WilsonBLX Six.One Team (2012)14865303
WilsonBLX Steam 10015668301
WilsonBLX Stratus Three13935274
WilsonBLX Surge16770290
WilsonBLX Tempest Four17468242
WilsonBLX Tidal Force15570285
WilsonBLX Tidal Wave14660281
WilsonBLX Tour14363305
WilsonBLX Tour 201214465301
WilsonBLX Tour Limited16773306
WilsonBLX Tour Lite17270266
WilsonBlade 10414465310
WilsonBlade 104 (2015)13558306
WilsonBlade 104 / 2013 13860262
WilsonBlade 93 / 2013 15068292
WilsonBlade 98 (16x19) (2015)14669329
WilsonBlade 98 (16x19) / 2013 15069290
WilsonBlade 98 (16x19) CV14465318
WilsonBlade 98 (18x20 ) (2015)14064322
WilsonBlade 98 (18x20) / 2013 13764281
WilsonBlade 98 (18x20) CV14265324
WilsonBlade 98S13763334
WilsonBlade 98S (18x16) CV14666310
WilsonBlade 98S (2015)13864310
WilsonBlade SW 10414467319
WilsonBurn 10017575322
WilsonBurn 100 Countervail16370314
WilsonBurn 100 LS16472302
WilsonBurn 100 LS (2017)16369293
WilsonBurn 100 S17875316
WilsonBurn 100 S Countervail15971324
WilsonBurn 100 Team14061286
WilsonBurn 100 Team (2017)14763286
WilsonBurn 100 ULS16371277
WilsonBurn 100 ULS (2017)15867281
WilsonBurn 9515270331
WilsonBurn 95 Countervail15570334
WilsonBurn FST 9515872338
WilsonBurn FST 9912672324
WilsonBurn FST 99S13174317
WilsonEnvy 100 L14262282
WilsonEnvy 110 UL19873260
WilsonFive 103127284
WilsonFive Lite BLX12922268
WilsonJuice 10017573317
WilsonJuice 100L16973294
WilsonJuice 100S17775317
WilsonJuice 100UL17272278
WilsonJuice 10817073297
WilsonK Factor Kobra Tour13659320
WilsonPro Open 10016874313
WilsonPro Staff 100L15266301
WilsonPro Staff 100LS15264298
WilsonPro Staff 6.0 8514165362
WilsonPro Staff 9014665346
WilsonPro Staff 9514262332
WilsonPro Staff 95S14765327
WilsonPro Staff 95S14562321
WilsonPro Staff 9714466325
WilsonPro Staff 97 (2016)15268330
WilsonPro Staff 97 LS14965307
WilsonPro Staff 97 LS Black (2016)15768304
WilsonPro Staff 97 RF Autograph15070359
WilsonPro Staff 97S14066327
WilsonPro Staff 97S (2016)15067324
WilsonPro Staff RF97 Autograph (2016)15169354
WilsonSix-One Team14465304
WilsonSix.One 95 (16x18)14667348
WilsonSix.One 95 (18x20)14567354
WilsonSix.One 95L14565303
WilsonSix.One 95S14966323
WilsonSteam 105S15167309
WilsonSteam 9615470308
WilsonSteam 9915670320
WilsonSteam 99LS14964289
WilsonSteam 99S15469321
WilsonThree BLX13024280
WilsonTriad Five13226274
WilsonTriad Three14233278
WilsonUltra 10015670311
WilsonUltra 103S17173301
WilsonUltra 10817273294
WilsonUltra 9714563319
YonexAstrel 11515264282
YonexE-Zone 10015868312
YonexE-Zone 10716170297
YonexE-Zone Lite15264292
YonexE-Zone Rally14663284
YonexE-Zone Team 10214562275
YonexE-Zone Team Plus 10214363288
YonexE-Zone Xi15970320
YonexE-Zone Xi 10716771300
YonexE-Zone Xi 11515675268
YonexE-Zone Xi 9814366327
YonexE-Zone Xi Lite15669296
YonexEZONE Ai 10015567314
YonexEZONE Ai 9814565325
YonexEZONE Ai 98 Lite14965299
YonexEZONE Ai Feel15567271
YonexEZONE Ai Lite (Lime)16164288
YonexEZone DR 10015870316
YonexEZone DR 9814163325
YonexEzone DR 100+ Blue15670314
YonexEzone DR 98+ Blue14262326
YonexRDiS 100 MP14964337
YonexRDiS 100 Mid15369343
YonexRDiS 20013663334
YonexRDiS 300 MP14462316
YonexRQ iS 1 Tour XL 95 Lite14563304
YonexV CORE SV 10015871320
YonexV CORE SV 100 Lite16070300
YonexV CORE SV 9514365328
YonexV CORE SV 9815267324
YonexV CORE SV 98 Lite15066304
YonexV Core 100 S16472314
YonexV Core 95 D14865332
YonexV Core 98 D15267325
YonexV Core 98 Team15167297
YonexVCORE Tour 8914065343
YonexVCORE Tour 9714567351
YonexVCORE Tour 97 (310g)15068327
YonexVCORE Tour G (310)14163328
YonexVCORE Tour G 330 (Wawrinka)14163345
YonexVCORE Xi 10016471314
YonexVCORE Xi 9815669324
YonexVCore SV 100+15270308
YonexVCore SV 98+14468326
YonexVcore Duel G 10015066315
YonexVcore Duel G 97 (310g)14766321
YonexVcore Duel G 97 (330g)14767346
YonexVcore Si 10016471314
YonexVcore Si 9816071321
YonexVcore Tour F 9314165326
YonexVcore Tour F 97 (290)15266308
YonexVcore Tour F 97 (310)15067327